Environmental and Land Use Law

Located in historic downtown Scituate Harbor, the Law Office of Donald P. Nagle specializes in the representation of individuals, businesses and public institutions regarding the full scope of environmental and land use matters that may arise in connection with property transactions. 

Attorney Donald Nagle has engaged in the practice of environmental law since 1988, when he joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. After leaving the EPA, he became Lead Enforcement Counsel and Managing Attorney for Regional Counsel at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. After spending over ten years implementing and enforcing federal and state environmental law, Mr. Nagle entered the private sector in 1999, joining a Boston environmental law firm. He subsequently established his own environmental law practice, now headquartered in Scituate, Massachusetts, where he represents clients regarding environmental issues, including hazardous and solid waste management, waste site cleanup, wetlands, water and air pollution control.

Attorney Nagle's broad knowledge and experience in all aspects of environmental compliance, permitting, enforcement and litigation is often the determining factor in achieving success. Attorney Nagle’s practice provides timely and effective representation that accommodates the needs of each of his clients in a cost-effective way. This personalized service cannot always be provided by the larger, Boston-based firms.

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